Gift hampers are the new gifts

Gift hampers are the new gifts

Have you ever seen those television shows where the host gives a goodie bag or a gift hamper? Yes! It’s exciting in real life as well to receive and prepare for such a wonderful basket of gifts. And the best part is that you are free to decorate and keep as many things as possible. These gifts are good for any age group and you can have custom-made gift hampers for every age you don’t have to choose from an option of two or three gifts. In fact if you watch the one which is available online then the best part will be that you will have lots of options that you can add, those that you may not find offline. So let’s prepare the best gift baskets or hampers for your loved ones- 

Chocolate Basket 

What comes to your mind when I talk about fools and the reverse of chocolate? Of course! I know it would be amazing. Well but more amazing than this is a gift hamper prepared entirely of chocolate. Chocolates can be sourced from all around the world getting different flavors and all of them combined in one gift hamper to make it an amazing gift. The best part about this gift is that it is suitable for all ages whether you give chocolates to a one-year-old child or to a 98 year old man who has that sheer joy in their eyes while receiving it. Another great part about a chocolate basket is that all the companies are from the wood or available to sell to the world so if you are you can always get the favorite chocolates of your choice or try the new ones. If you are short on budget or want to make the hamper a bit more exciting than Chocolate bouquet should be your choice.

Men’s Grooming Basket 

Have you ever thought about what you will give your father this father’s day? What would you give your husband because he is also a father to your child or maybe about to become one? Again, to all your questions, get them a men’s grooming basket. This basket would consist of the products that already suit your husband’s skin or maybe some new all natural products that are available online can be purchased and fit into a beautiful gift hamper online or a gift basket. It would consist of – tweezers, a shaving kit, face wash, face mask and moisturizer, sunscreen and some extra chocolates for your love. 

Grandma’s Hamper 

Just because it is called Grandma’s hamper doesn’t mean you are going to give it to your grandmother, actually it is a good gift for her. 

Consists of a combination of essential oils like ylang ylang, lime and lemon or many more of your choice. Cold pressed coconut, mustard and sesame oil. Followed by rose water, glycerine, chickpea flour, turmeric, orange powder, aloe vera gel and  hibiscus tea. There are many brands which are selling due skincare programs that are natural and still have lots of chemicals added to them. Things are very easily available on any online store and you can use them at any point of time. And before you move forward, do remember to add cocoa powder and vanilla essence; these are naturally doused products and will leave your skin baby soft. You may also buy chocolate online as it contains many anti oxidants, but it should be 98 percent cocoa and sugar free. 

The Food Gourmet hamper for all 

We all love eating exquisite food or even our everyday meals. And are thankful to God for that. Food is an important part of a life and also helps in keeping us alive. That is why a gift hamper of food is one of the best gifts that one would ever receive in their life. Your gourmet hamper gift could consist of different kinds of flavored oils like – chili, garlic, cloves or a mixed to spicy oil. 

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  • Then apart from the oils you need spices like red chili. You know, these days the best red chillies from around  the world can be bought online. 
  • Other spices include garlic, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, peppercorns. 
  • Dried powders for everyday cooking like onion, garlic and ginger. 
  • Variety of chips like mixed vegetables, potato, tapioca, rice etc. 
  • Honey and agave syrup 
  • Nuts like almonds, cashews, black raisins and pistachios. 

To finish off add coffee beans and tea leaves. 

The beauty like hers 

Women around the world are famous for using various kinds of cosmetics and even men are. But this particular hamper will be for women of all ages. You could in fact have a themed beauty hamper for your lady love which could be based on one particular ingredient like charcoal, cocoa, chocolate, coffee, sugar, banana and the list goes on. If you want to do something romantic, a chocolate bouquet would be famous for her. This could consist of essential oils, chocolates, chocolaty soaps, scrub, and massage oils and a chocolate candle. Just perfect for a spa at home and everyday use.

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