GB WhatsApp and How to Download it


The world of communication is evolving rapidly, and we’re in an era where instant messaging apps are essential in our daily life. While WhatsApp is already an immensely popular application, a variant of it – GB WhatsApp, has been making waves due to its plethora of features. In this article, we’re going to dive into the GB WhatsApp and How to Download it, its features, and guide you through the downloading process.

GB WhatsApp and How to Download it

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a modified version of the regular WhatsApp. It’s an APK, meaning an Android Package, which can be installed on your Android device. The developers behind GB WhatsApp have added various functionalities that are not found in the regular WhatsApp app. These features range from customization options to enhanced privacy settings, giving users greater control over their messaging experience.

Please note that while GB WhatsApp has its advantages, it’s not officially recognized by WhatsApp Inc. Use it at your own discretion and risk.

GBWhatsApp Update:

GBWhatsApp Download:

GB WhatsApp and How to Download it is a straightforward process. Simply visit a trusted APK download site, search for GB WhatsApp, and click download. Once the download is complete, open the file and proceed with the installation.

For iOS users, GB WhatsApp is unfortunately unavailable. As it’s an APK file, it’s mainly designed for Android devices.

GBWhatsApp Update:

Updates for GB WhatsApp are released periodically, just like any other application. These updates aim to enhance the user experience by fixing bugs, improving existing features, or introducing new features. To update GB WhatsApp and How to Download it, visit the same site and download the latest version. Uninstall the current version you have (without deleting your data) and then install the new version.

GBWhatsApp APK Features :

Auto Reply

GB WhatsApp allows you to set automatic replies for incoming messages. This feature comes in handy when you are busy and unable to respond to messages.


The Do Not Disturb mode allows you to disconnect from the internet specifically for GB WhatsApp without affecting other applications.

Text Messages Broadcast

This feature lets you send the same message to multiple contacts without selecting them individually.

Filter Messages

This enables you to clear chat which can also filter your messages.

Anti-Revoke Message

If a sender deletes a message, this feature ensures that the message remains on your device.

Share Live Locations

Similar to the standard WhatsApp, you can share your live location with your contacts.

Outstanding Effects

GB WhatsApp allows you to add different effects to your images and GIFs before sending them.

Revoke Multiple Messages

With this feature, you can delete multiple messages at once.

Send Maximum Pictures

Unlike the original WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp allows you to send more than 30 pictures at a time.

Endless Themes

This feature gives you access to thousands of themes and skins which you can use to customize your GB WhatsApp.

Download Statuses

This feature enables you to download your contacts’ status updates.

GB WhatsApp and How to Download it

Amazing Font

You can change the font of your GB WhatsApp with this feature.

Messages History

GB WhatsApp allows you to check the history of messages that you have sent and received.

Alter Contacts

This feature allows you to alter the media visibility of a specific contact in your gallery.

Mark the Unread Messages

This feature lets you mark the messages that you have read as unread.

Select all Chat

With this feature, you can select all your chats at once from your home screen.

Hide your Status

The hide status feature lets you hide your status from certain contacts.

Best Image Quality

With GB WhatsApp, you can send pictures with their original quality.


GB WhatsApp supports more than 100 languages.


This feature lets you get a notification when a specific contact changes their profile picture.

Pop up Notifications

This feature allows you to hide or show pop-up notifications.

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Is GB WhatsApp APK Safe?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, GB WhatsApp isn’t officially recognized by WhatsApp Inc, and it’s a third-party application. This means it’s not available on the official Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Consequently, there’s a certain risk associated with its use, primarily related to data privacy and security. However, millions of users worldwide use it without reporting significant issues. Therefore, while it’s generally considered safe, users are advised to be cautious. It’s always prudent to GB WhatsApp Download and how to get it’s APK from trusted sources and to keep your application updated for optimal security.


In the ever-evolving world of digital communication, GB WhatsApp stands out with its myriad of features that enhance your messaging experience. While it’s not without its risks, the benefits and the degree of control it gives users make it an appealing choice for many. For Android users looking for more than what traditional WhatsApp offers, GB WhatsApp is a consideration.


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