From Startups to Success: Evan Rutchik’s Inspiring Journey 


Every year, several new startups emerge onto the business landscape, fueled by the passion and innovation of their founders. These startups, often born out of a desire to solve real-world problems or disrupt established industries, face numerous challenges and uncertainties on their path to success. In this ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape, one name stands out as an inspiring beacon of achievement: Evan Rutchik.

Evan Rutchik’s journey from an emerging entrepreneur with a vision to a successful business leader with a track record of turning a startup into a thriving business is a testament to dedication, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.  

Let’s explore Evan Rutchik’s remarkable journey and the pivotal moments, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped him into the entrepreneurial icon he is today. 

Who is Evan Rutchik? 

Evan Rutchik was born and raised in New York. He is one of the renowned names that shine brightly in New York City. The atmosphere of the city compelled him to succeed and achieve his goals. With his profound knowledge and business insights, he stands as an AdTech leader. He has significantly contributed to the AdTech industry and even helped startup businesses to grow. It was a brief about Evan. If you want to know more about his successful journey, then you can watch his interview with dotcom magazine.   

Educational Background 

He pursued a dual degree in advertising and management. His educational institutions have been a cornerstone of his path to success. Evan’s educational background and firm commitment to learning and personal development enabled him to maintain a leading position in the industry.   

  • Communication degree from Syracuse University.  
  • Advertising degree from S.I. Newhouse School of Public 
  • Management degree from Whitman School of Management. 
  • MBA in Marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship from New York University 

Professional Career   

  • Local Factor Group   

Evan Rutchik is the CEO of Local Factor Group. Local Factor develops personalized advertising programs that utilize adaptable premium localized media and local factor ID data targeting mobile, tablet, CTV, and desktop. It helps to create a localized audience that enhances the media’s impact and makes media campaigns more powerful. Moreover, the company supports local businesses to grow and expand through advertising technology.    

  • Evan Rutchik New York Business   

Evan Rutchik was born and raised in New York. The surroundings of the city encouraged him to broaden the range of his horizons. His educational accomplishments played a vital role in upgrading his skills.   

However, his firm determination assisted him in standing as a leader in the AdTech industry. Evan Rutchik’s New York business initiated a new journey for the growing local businesses. He launched the Local Factor group in New York’s competitive market.  

  • RII Ventures   

Evan Rutchik supervises RII Venture, an angel fund company, to fund innovative technology. The company believes in investing in insightful and creative minds that perform revolutionary innovation.  

  • Evan Rutchik and Advertising Technology   

Evan Rutchik’s ad tech strategies blend data-driven precision and creative tactics. With the use of a range of ad tech tools, he gathers customer data and strategically displays product ads on various platforms. This approach benefits customers, who find services more efficiently, and dealers, who generate more leads. It also enhances businesses’ digital presence, ultimately driving revenue growth. It even helped business persons to boost their online presence and generate revenue.  

Non-Profits and Charities   

Not only in advertisement technology, but Evan Rutchik proudly supports non-profits and charities like the Jimmy Fund, Teal Walk, and educational initiatives for the underprivileged.

  • Teal Walk  

The TEAL Walk aims to inform and educate women about ovarian cancer, an essential attempt that can be both empowering and life-saving. TEAL Walk helps individuals understand what to look out for and promotes disease prevention.   

  • Jimmy Fund  

Evan Rutchik has been a proud supporter of Jimmy Fund for many years. Jimmy Fund is renowned for its dedication to raising vital cancer care and research funds. The organization is deeply committed to combating all types of cancer affecting adults and children across the United States.   

  • Educational initiative for the underprivileged:  

Evan Rutchik has firmly believed in the empowerment of education throughout his educational and professional career. He takes great pride in actively supporting organizations that empower disadvantaged youth through educational initiatives.   

He firmly believes that individuals can transform their dreams into attainable goals with access to the proper tools and effective training.   

Final Word   

With an amplitude of business insights and profound knowledge, Evan Rutchik has emerged as a leading AdTech entrepreneur. He is a genius who knows how ads work like magic on digital platforms. He has immensely contributed to the growth of local businesses through AdTech.

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