Fast and Perfectly Smooth Liquid Floor Screed Service

Liquid Floor Screed Woking

Liquid Floor Screed Woking

Liquid Floor Screed Woking is also known as flowing screed, providing a smooth and levelled surface for both domestic and commercial buildings. Liquid floor screed contains sand and a binder system based on calcium sulphate, specifically designed to provide a professional finishing with a smooth, level surface. They are easy to pour and pump and dry quickly.

To reduce thickness and drying time, our liquid screed is pumped directly onto a surface. Furthermore, our team will make sure that the screed will lay out in every nook and corner of the room for a smooth finish so that the top flooring and the tiles settle on the screed without any bump on the surface.

Key features of using Liquid screeds

  • Low risk of cracking and shrinking
  • The thickness of the application is considerably lowered and reduced compared to traditional and cement screeds.
  • The floor can be walked on in 48 hours after the liquid screed is laid.
  • It can be loaded after 6-7 days.
  • Liquid screeds are non-combustible
  • Also, liquid screed is protein-free and cannot harbour harmful bacteria.

We aim to become your first choice.

Being the oldest screeding service, we specialise in two types of following screeds:

Bonded liquid screeds:  the bonded screed is laid onto a prepared substrate to maximise potential bond. Since it’s slurry-bonded to the concrete base, it is the best choice for the surfaces where significant loading is expected. Our liquid floor screed Woking professionals will lay the screed on a concrete slab and bond it with adhesive.

Liquid Floor Screed Woking
Liquid Floor Screed Woking

Unbonded screed: the unbounded screed is where the screed is installed over the top of a concrete slab, but it has not been stuck to the slab using adhesive. Normally the screed is separated from the slab using a builder’s plastic. We suggest this type of screed for thickness greater than 50mm, as this screed is not integrated with the slab substrate. Therefore, it cannot be relied on for strength like a bonded screed.

Optimal underfloor heating service

Having an energy-efficient and eco-friendly home is key for those of us paying the bills. The average system uses considerably less energy than average conventional radiators. However, they are famous for being extremely expensive and onerous to install, especially in older homes. But they are more economical to run when compared with other systems.

KM Flow Screed provides a reliable and safe underfloor heating service Surrey. Our number of first-class residential and commercial underfloor heating projects have made us the master in alternative heating for many years as we create radiant and geothermal heating systems that are highly comfortable.

Our underfloor heating services Surrey will offer you several benefits.

  • Energy-efficient: electric and water-based systems provide heating in a room from the floor up for efficient and consistent warmth. A warm water system pumps heated water through pipes; on the other hand, an electric system uses heating cables to generate heat.
  • Unlike traditional radiators: which are prone to cold spots meaning that the air feels very hot near the radiator and cold in the middle of the room, underfloor heating does not overheat. Instead, it gives the desired temperature and can help you save a lot on your heating bills.
  • Effortless to run: all warmup heaters are controlled by a system-dedicated thermostat. Panels that are installed inside walls have the quickest response time. You can monitor and set the temperature of your room accordingly.
  • More space and design freedom: you can design your dream house with underflooring heating systems as bulky radiators would not take up valuable space on the walls. Therefore, you can easily get rid of unsightly radiators and return vents.
  • Safety and comfort: when you have an underfloor heating system in your house, you don’t have to worry about sharp edges or surfaces of radiators. The heating system is safely placed out of the way and won’t get too much hot to touch.

Best maintenance service:

  • Our Underfloor Heating Services Surrey provides you with a high-quality maintenance service so that your system works efficiently
  • Our engineers and plumbers advise homeowners on how to maximise the heating efficiency of their systems.
  • Our plumbers and engineers watch out for any warning signs of a heating system failure during maintenance.
  • Our team is committed to providing landlords and home owners with an affordable solution that will last many years if well looked after.

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