Explore the Benefits of Using Recombinant Proteins in the Field of Medicine

Recombinant Proteins in the Field of Medicine

Recombinant proteins that withstood the test of time and sustained despite the clinical trials and the challenging process development are gaining phenomenal popularity. They have become super-hit medical products. Antibodies, enzymes, and growth factors are enhanced today through mutational approaches, and they are being fused seamlessly with other proteins. Testing and drug development methods have taken a dramatic leap forward, and today, we have access to proteins manufactured in transgenic animals. 

In the future, some protein products may be therapies for genetic diseases and cancer vaccines. However, alternative therapies relating to small synthetic compounds or gene therapy will make the scenario fiercely competitive. Today, therapeutic antibodies are becoming the principal category of new drugs manufactured in recent times. As per statistics, during the last five years, antibodies have been ruling the pharmaceutical market and are now the top-selling drugs. In 2018, eight of the ten top bestselling medications globally were biologics.

Growing Popularity of Recombinant Proteins

We obtain recombinant proteins from the specialized recombinant DNA technology. We understand that this technology entails transferring precise genes from one organism to another utilizing restriction enzymes and vectors as vital molecular tools. We acquire recombinant proteins from the advanced recombinant DNA technology, and it is one of the most popular and cutting-edge applications and approaches associated with biotechnology. Recombinant proteins are excellent combinations of genes forming DNA. They play a pivotal role in advanced recombinant DNA technology. 

According to Nature Reviews, there has been a dramatic boost in terms of frequency of use and number of protein therapeutics since the launch of human insulin, the first-ever recombinant protein therapeutic almost 25 years back. We understand that protein therapeutics have played a pivotal role in practically, every field or aspect of medicine. Experts have pointed out numerous benefits of recombinant proteins, like consistency in product performance, boost in production capacity, and improved product availability.

Remarkable Performance Close to Native Forms

Right from the beginning, till the completion, efficient recombinant protein development teams concentrate on manufacturing recombinant proteins that perform close to original or native forms. Several proprietary methods may be implemented for ensuring perfect folding and retaining protein integrity throughout the purification process. Top-quality recombinant proteins usually are assayed on several clinical analyzers and some other antibody-oriented assays like ELISA and western blot. Today, the pharmaceutical and the medical world focus on Custom RECOMBINANT PROTEIN Production to provide a broad spectrum of antibody-oriented assay systems.

No Delays Due to Renewable Starting Material

Recombinant proteins do not experience any delays due to interruptions and issues in obtaining authentic human starting materials. Authentic human proteins are dependent on starting materials obtained from donors individually. It is but natural that human fluids and tissues are not readily available every time or whenever required. It can culminate in manufacturing delays. However, recombinant proteins may be produced whenever required and as many times as needed because the process is not reliant on individual donors or collection centers. 


Recombinant proteins promise relatively shorter production lead times. The purification process relating to the recombinant proteins seems to be shorter as opposed to native starting materials. Recombinant proteins are characterized by scalable batch sizes. It ensures protein purification as per schedule. There will be consistent product availability and you can maintain ample stock of recombinant proteins to meet requirements.

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