Dating Sites and Apps: How to Use Them Safely


We live in an increasingly digital world, in which technology is gradually transforming almost everything around us. In this context, relationships are no exception, given that they may have been born and developed online for some time. The shift from real life to virtual life has therefore led to the emergence of a flood of dating sites and apps that promise to help lonely hearts find a soul mate. Some time ago, this scenario could still arouse astonishment or skepticism, whereas it is now considered to be completely normal. Online dating apps and sites are very popularand easy to use, but are they safe for their users

With so many alternatives on the web, it would be difficult to create a comprehensive guide to boosting your privacy and security while using them. Many of the tips are primarily about precautions to take online, just like with real-life dating; others, on the contrary, refer to a certain knowledge of computer security.

Here are 5 tips for using dating apps and sites safely

Choose a reliable storefront

If you are looking for a dating app or site , you will be spoiled for choice, but try to find the safest proposal. Look for information on the number of users and read reviews, especially negative reviews. Sites and applications of this type generally store much more sensitive information in their databases than other categories of online services.

Sometimes, to register, it is necessary to indicate, in addition to the city of residence and date of birth, sexual orientation and specific information on interests or marital status.

Avoid sites and apps that allow anyone to send you messages. Use platforms that require users to express interest in each other before starting a conversation.

Create a new profile and avoid data synchronization with the social networks you use

It is not recommended to register via a social network account  the new profile, in fact, could inherit information that you do not wish to share. Even if the dating platform is secure and only communicates what is necessary, by finding your Facebook or Instagram profiles, hackers could have access to your list of friends or other information that you want to keep exclusively on social networks. Visit the site and register.

To increase privacy , also pay attention to the name of the profile and possibly change it to a nickname or hide the last name. From a simple Google search of your name, anyone could discover information that could put you at risk .

Also, be sure to use photos that aren’t on social media and only show what you need . Just to give an example it’s okay to clearly state what work you do, but it could be risky to show the company name in a photo.

Tip To prevent users from returning to your Facebook and Instagram profiles, create your new profile from scratch and sign up using your phone number or a different email address.

Check the settings of the created profile

It can be annoying, but it is always useful to read the privacy policy of the application or site in question so as not to have any unpleasant surprises later; the disclosure must clearly explain how your data will be shared with other users and third parties.

Make sure you understand how your photos will be used and, if possible, prevent unauthorized sharing . After creating your account, check the information visible on your profile and delete the information you do not want to disclose.

Tip Newly created profiles are often automatically visible to all users, so they can be found via search tools. To make them private, go to the privacy section in settings.

Use the app’s or site’s internal chat

Often, the chats made available by these platforms do not have all the functionality found on social networks, but they are still a safe method of protecting privacy and identity .

Additionally, many have a moderator and allow you to immediately report or block, without compromising your identity , anything or anyone you find offensive.

Tip Scammers often pretend to be active members and try to persuade victims to click on dangerous links that can damage your devices, download malware, or worse, compromise your bank account. Don’t open links from people you haven’t talked to enough to trust.

Tips for the first meeting with someone you met online

If you’re considering dating someone you met online, exercise caution. Check their profile picture using the reverse image search available on Google. Criminals can impersonate anyone on the Internet and use stolen photos from blogs or other profiles to trick potential victims .

Choose to be in a public place and tell a friend the details of the date the other person’s name, the meeting point, and how long you plan to be there.

Tip Don’t feel guilty for putting more emphasis on your safety, even if it means doing something that might seem rude. So end the meeting quietly at any time if you don’t feel safe or comfortable.

Dating apps and sites offer a modern, easy, and convenient way to meet new people . However, interacting with strangers without taking minimum security measures can be risky.

Protect yourself from any type of online threat by proceeding with caution before associating yourself with someone, always think about your security and that of your information. If you are looking for your soul mate or a woman to make a relationship with, consider visiting this link .

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