Cricket-Inspired Pet Games to Keep Your Furry Friends Active


Cricket, an exhilarating game of bat and ball, enjoys a massive following across the globe. While it is primarily a human sport, the essence of cricket can inspire engaging activities to keep our four-legged companions active and healthy. Understanding the importance of physical activity for pets, we explore the fun and joy of introducing cricket-inspired games to our furry friends.

Why Keeping Pets Active Matters

Fitness is as critical to our pets as it is to us. Here’s why an active lifestyle is vital for your pet’s overall wellbeing:

Maintaining Health: Regular exercise helps maintain your pet’s weight within a healthy range, preventing obesity. Obesity in pets increases their risk of developing severe conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease.

Mental Stimulation: Pets, particularly dogs and cats, require mental stimulation. Physical activities offer an excellent opportunity to challenge their minds, reducing the likelihood of cognitive decline in older pets.

Behavioural Management: An active pet is a happy pet. Regular exercise, especially for energetic pets like Maltese puppies helps expand your pet’s pent-up energy, reducing instances of destructive behaviour such as excessive barking, chewing, or digging.

Strengthening Bonds: Playtime is a brilliant opportunity for bonding. Participating in your pet’s activities shows them you’re part of their ‘pack,’ reinforcing trust and affection.

Now, let’s get into the crux of the article – fun cricket-inspired games to play with your pets.

Game 1: Fetch the ‘Cricket Ball’

Our first game borrows from the cornerstone of most pet games – fetch. But we add a cricketing twist to it:

Prepare: Get a small, pet-safe ball, reminiscent of a cricket ball. Ensure it’s not too small to avoid choking hazards.

Play: Grab your pet’s attention with the ball, throw it, and encourage them to fetch it. Use voice commands and gestures to guide your pet.

Reward: Each time your pet retrieves the ball, reward them. The rewards reinforce positive behaviour, making your pet more likely to repeat it.

Game 2: Boundary Fielding

Our next game draws inspiration from fielding, a critical aspect of cricket. It’s an enjoyable and interactive game:

Set Up: Define a boundary using pet-safe items. This boundary should be visible to your pet.

The Challenge: Roll the ball towards the boundary. The aim is to encourage your pet to intercept the ball before it crosses the boundary line.

Reward Successful Stops: Celebrate your pet’s successful stops with praise or treats. It makes the game exciting for them and encourages them to participate actively.

Game 3: Run Between the Wickets

Cricket players run between wickets to score runs. Let’s adapt this into an energetic game for your pet:

Define the Wickets: Set up two points representing the ‘wickets’ in a safe area. The space between should be wide enough for your pet to run comfortably.

Run: Encourage your pet to run between the ‘wickets’. You can use treats or toys as incentives. It’s a fantastic game for burning off your pet’s excess energy and keeping them fit.

Game 4: Obstacle Course ‘Field’

Fielders in cricket must display agility and quick reflexes. A pet-friendly obstacle course captures this spirit:

Setting Up: Using pet-friendly materials, set up an obstacle course. This course can include hurdles, tunnels, weaving poles, and ramps.

Navigating the Course: Guide your pet through the course, using a ball or toy as motivation. Start with simple obstacles, then introduce more complex ones to keep the game challenging and engaging.

Game 5: Wicket Keeper Training

The wicketkeeper in cricket has a unique role, catching balls that the batsman misses. Your pet can mimic this role, with some modifications:

Set Up: Use a pet-safe object as a ‘stump’. Stand a few feet away with your pet next to you.

The Game: Gently toss the ball towards the stump. Encourage your pet to catch or stop the ball before it hits the stump.

Rewards: Praise your pet or offer treats each time they successfully intercept the ball.

Pet Training for Games

Patience is key when training your pet for these games. Start slow, ensuring your pet understands and enjoys the games. Positive reinforcement, like praise or treats, helps motivate your pet and makes learning fun. Always ensure safety during playtime by using pet-safe toys and playing in a secure environment.


Cricket-inspired pet games provide an enjoyable, innovative way to keep your pets active and mentally stimulated. These games can be a refreshing change from regular pet games, providing unique challenges to your pets while also allowing you to share your love for cricket with them. Remember, every pet is unique – so adapt these games to your pet’s comfort and fitness levels. The goal is fun, fitness, and a stronger bond with your furry companion!

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