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Event Planning

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It’s totally understandable to get so wrapped up in planning an event, whether it’s a birthday party, baby shower, or just a simple party, that you forget some small details. Other people might not even notice, but if you are an event planner, you are a perfectionist, and you notice when something is missing. Usually, we notice these kinds of things when the party has already started and it’s too late to fix them. To avoid these kinds of inconveniences, the perfect plan would be to create an event planning checklist for different events and start from there. Creating a checklist of the things that event planners usually forget, will help them keep everything organized.

Not Starting Planning in Time

Depending on the type of event, it is necessary to begin planning earlier. This usually depends on the client because it is they who set the date, but if it’s something that seems hard for you to achieve, then it might be better not to accept it at all. You can set an approximate date for how early a client should contact you before their party. If it’s a big party, for example, it can take 3-6 months to organize it. If it’s small to medium event, it can take 1–3 months, approximately. Not starting to organize an event in time can lead to massive failures and leave you feeling unfulfilled and probably unqualified for the next event. 

Not Checking the Weather Before Hand

If you are planning an event, especially in the spring or summer, not checking the weather in advance can completely ruin the party. It’s true that sometimes we cannot know for sure when it’s going to rain; that’s something totally out of our control. However, with today’s technology, you can check on a legit website if it’s going to rain. If there’s going to be a small probability of rain, create a plan B so the party doesn’t get ruined for everyone. 

Another cause of failure is excessive heat. Heat will make everyone feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied. The guests’ makeup will get ruined, and they can’t even dance because that will produce more heat. Keep your guests hydrated and install outdoor fans, and that might help you avoid this disaster. 

Food and Beverage Check

When you plan an event, it’s really important to check what kind of guests will be there. Have a discussion about food preferences and avoid a trip to the hospital due to food allergies. If this seems like an impossible task, it might be better if you name all of the ingredients so they can check for themselves. Nowadays, more people are becoming vegetarians and vegans, so having a menu dedicated to them would be perfect. The same goes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Not everyone drinks alcohol, so make sure to also serve non-alcoholic drinks.

Not Having Enough Dishes and Other Party Supplies

Just when you think everything is settled and the guests have arrived, you see someone coming to your direction and asking for a plate or a fork. You can’t just say, “Here, use mine.” That’s not a very pleasant thing to experience. Besides the decorations, having food supplies is one of the most important things at a party. These types of errors typically occur when you plan your own party and believe that your dishes will suffice. They should suffice for a small, close family gathering but not for a big party. Plastic dinnerware sets are the best solution for this. They are useful, especially to avoid these kinds of inconveniences and to save yourself some cleaning trouble. Consider using disposable dinnerware sets, as they are planet-friendly. 

Not Accepting Help 

It’s true that you can do everything alone, but you can do everything better when someone is helping you. If you are doing this for the first time, ask a relative or a friend to help you. If you are an event planner or are planning to be one, creating a loyal team to organize an event is the best solution. This way, you will let other people finish their jobs, and it will be easier for you to remember every detail.

By creating a party planning checklist for different kinds of events, you might save yourself the trouble of forgetting essential party supplies. This way, you can use that particular checklist for every party. 

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