Chief challenges faced by product design companies in India


It’s challenging to design and develop products. The introduction of new products, features, interactions with customers, and experiences is arduous enough that if we can streamline the development process, the developer will benefit from a decrease in time, expense, and needless revisions. This responsibility entails developing a marketable product while keeping the company out of the red. Here, we’ll look at some of the most challenging problems faced by product design companies in India. 


The majority of millennials are able to value creativity and innovation in all facets of their lives. According to a recent poll, 65% of modern companies embrace creative design as the driving force behind their brand. Some inventive people can improve or redesign already-available goods, which helps them establish their brand.

For instance, Google has already completely changed how people think about Wi-Fi and virtual reality. It’s anyone’s guess how the tech behemoth will develop and flourish over the next few months, years, and decades given that Google Fiber is now reaching more locations and providing faster download speeds than before.


Idea generation is the initial stage of the product development process. As simple as it may seem, some companies sometimes encounter obstacles when coming to conclusions. These difficulties can occasionally be attributed to a dearth of useful information about the intended product and the target market. Other times, bureaucracy and fragmented workflows might cause ideation to halt.

By making suggestion bins during brainstorming sessions, product design companies such as the Future Factory can, however, prevent this stagnation in creativity. They should be in charge of conducting research to find out what others are doing and spot gaps to fill.

Market viability:

On paper, a proposal could make sense, but its actual implementation in the marketplace often falls short financially. Prior to beginning development, product design companies such as the Future Factory should always assess a product’s marketability. One can learn about the market and the competitors by conducting market research. Focus on novelty to draw users, even if you wish to take the same path. Product design companies should interview the target audience in addition to researching the competition. You need to gather their ideas and interests because they are the product’s potential customers.

Product Viability; 

Believe it or not, the physical features of your product might also have an impact on its viability. Technology is advancing and changing as it gets more compact. Consumers of today are constantly looking for fresh, slick, fashionable, or comfortable products.

Even while these technologies do have certain constraints on the final size of a product, they are getting smaller and more streamlined. For instance, circuit boards have never been more adaptable. Circuit boards are able to keep a minimum form factor as long as the distances between two electrical conducting lines are 0.006′′ or smaller.

Upcoming and New Technology:

Technology’s quick development has affected product design companies in both bad and good ways. These companies must take the situation of the IT industry into account. They must also look into potential future trends, though. The Internet of Things (IoT), which was just recently introduced, has generated a large network of connected goods and services aimed at consumers. Product designers can regularly take advantage of new technical developments and unforeseen opportunities brought on by the IoT.

The pace of invention:

With constantly evolving technology comes the challenge of being current and completing the project at the proper rate. The speed of change in the marketplace is also being driven by the exponential pace of invention. Slow-moving review and feedback cycles are a common challenge in firms.

While your suggestions are stymied by bureaucracy, new trends seem to make these suggestions silos obsolete. Refresh your idea streams frequently to remove outdated ones to avoid these concerns. Allow some flexibility to make way for developments like augmented reality and artificial intelligence rather than maintaining strict development cycles. However, you should refrain from making significant adjustments in the middle of the development project.

Source: Pexel 


Throughout a product’s life cycle, every company encounters a variety of challenges. However, a competent product design company such as the Future Factory may spot these issues and take early action to fix them. Despite the field’s clearly scary nature, it can be conquered with perseverance, flexibility, and a keen sense of business. One can create a marketable product within the given time frame by tackling these product development challenges.

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