Cutter cordless metal shears offer an easy, efficient and versatile method for cutting metal sheets quickly. Their cutting blades can handle straight cuts as well as curved ones with ease.

Choose one that meets your specific needs by considering its power, weight and durability. Also take note of its brand; well-known manufacturers typically produce higher-quality products.

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Power shears are an invaluable tool for sheet metal work, whether electrically or pneumatically powered. Their basic function involves clamping the material before moving a blade across it to cut. Tilted power shears can even cut curved or asymmetrical shapes more precisely.

Single cutting shears resemble scissors in that they work by moving a sharpened moveable blade against a stationary one while sheet metal lies between. They’re easy to use and make clean cuts without producing excess waste material – although some distortion may occur as a result of using this cutting method.

Double cutting shears resemble nibblers in that they use similar cutting strategies, leaving a wider kerf than single cut shears yet being capable of cutting both curved and straight metal surfaces without excessive distortion – ideal for lighter duty applications.


No matter whether it’s handheld metal shears or electric models with variable speed triggers, the best power shears provide quality cuts with ample versatility. When shopping, look for models with various reversible cutting blades for extended blade life as well as ergonomic designs to provide long-term comfort for prolonged periods.

Shearing equipment is essential in metal fabrication. Commonly referred to as “snips or tin snips,” shearing tools are designed to cut metal sheets along a straight path with minimum distortion, typically used on low-carbon and mild steels but available with various blade designs for other materials as well.

Milwaukee spent years perfecting their cordless shears, which are designed to replace hand snips and perform both straight and curved cuts. Their XSJ05 cordless shear is equipped with a 360 rotating head that can be locked in multiple positions for added control when cutting. Furthermore, its D-handle and variable speed trigger provide for optimal control when in use.


Electric metal shears should be designed to endure repeated use over time, as you’ll likely use them on an almost daily basis. Therefore, selecting high-quality models from trusted brands with ample warranty coverage and customer support services are crucial in selecting an electric metal shear.

Durability in metal shears depends on their power output, measured in Amperes (Amps). The higher their Amp rating is, the more power your metal shears possess; however, quality also matters; cheap no-name models could break down after repeated use or become safety hazards, while investing in higher quality models will ensure continuous work can continue without interruption and last much longer than cheaper options.


Metal shears can be dangerous tools that, when misused improperly, can result in injury to workers. Shock from power cords could shock workers while injuries could come from sharp blades. To avoid injuries when handling metal shears, workers should wear safety goggles and gloves, keep their work area free of debris, follow established safety protocols and undergo regular equipment checks to reduce injury risks.

Quality shears are essential tools for anyone working with metal, and cordless models make the job simpler by freeing you from an outlet. Shears can handle many materials ranging from stainless steel and aluminum, with cordless models providing even greater freedom in their work without being tied down by cords. In particular, straight and scribe cuts without deforming material can be performed easily; plus these shears offer less downtime due to being cord-less.

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