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On this page we have collected the top betting sites for cricket, all so that you can bet on sports on reliable betting sites, to succeed in sports betting!

  • Betano

  • Becric

  • Betway

  • 20bet

  • 22bet

  • bet365

Best sites

Below is a list of sites to find out which one is the best online betting site for you, all tested by our team. We emphasize that we are only basing it on primary factors to identify 100% reliable platforms where players can have fun without too much trouble.

So, let’s move on to our list of the best betting sites:

Betano – A platform with great growth that stands out from the rest

Betano is an advanced platform, ranking among the top brands in several ways. In addition to being very intuitive, it has several attractive options such as SuperOdds, it also has the best odds in all markets, as well is a very functional and cohesive application.

Betway – an attractive and intuitive design for everyone

With its simple and attractive design, Betway ranks among the best betting sites in its long history of user satisfaction. With a reliable and very versatile platform, Betway is one of the favourites in the market, also thanks to its mouthwatering odds.

20bet – Moving on to a world of winners

In addition to being one of the platforms of a football betting site, 20bet has a double project on the market: a bookmaker and a casino. Having a big name in the face-to-face world, it has managed to transition properly into the virtual world and is now a highly sought-after betting site.

Becric is a well-known classic in sports betting

One of the most trusted and entrenched betting sites is undoubtedly Becric. They were one of the first platforms to become legal and have never changed their method of operation. With several years in the market providing confidence, it also has a fantastic application and great odds, so there’s no reason to complain.

22bet – a strong bet on a reliable platform

With a strong presence, but with a recent past in the sports betting world, 22bet is quite popular among bettors. In addition to attractive odds, the casino’s offering of real games has been fantastic, and the presence of a mobile app does its presence justice. After spending many years at 22bet, it is now firmly established in the virtual world.

bet365 – casino side-by-side betting

It appeared with games of fortune or chance but has upped the ante by offering a betting site as well. Bet365 stood out for its attractive design and good odds in the betting markets. Along with its casino, it has grown noticeably, and its credibility is well deserved.


Known mainly for its cricket betting, Betobet has evolved into one of the online cricket betting apps that gets people talking. With good odds and an easy-to-use platform, it has managed to equal its rivals.

How to choose a reliable betting site?

There are several options for the most reliable betting sites. Therefore, we have studied all the options to give the best analysis to our readers. So, stay tuned and find out how to choose the best betting site for the sake of sports betting success and your safety!

Welcome Bonus

It can be a great advantage for bettors to take advantage of the welcome bonus to earn extra money when they start sports betting. In addition to the extra money, you get to learn and explore new strategies and have a better chance of being a winner in this world by being associated with a reliable platform.

It’s also worth noting that you should read the terms and conditions of any bonus carefully to be aware of what it takes to get pie!

The quality of the odds

One of the main factors when looking for the best betting sites is the odds offered to players. In this case, most legal sports betting sites offer high-quality odds, all very close to each other.

Although some markets manage to be in a winning position, the overall quality of the odds does not vary much. Nevertheless, knowing how to calculate odds is a valuable tool, so be careful.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Betting sites must adapt to reality when it comes to payment methods. Nowadays, it is very common for bettors to look for a variety of deposit methods, from the simplest to the most “sophisticated”, such as Paypal and Neteller e-wallets.

The best betting sites are side by side with reality and offer many options for bettors to act on their own.

Betting app

These days, most sports betting is done through betting apps on platforms rather than through the respective betting sites.

Growth in this area has been very fast and platforms have needed to adapt to reality. It is well known that it is very important to have a good app or at least a website that responds well to mobile devices.

In short, these are vital tools for a good modern user experience. Currently, most betting sites already have an app.

Live Bets

Live betting gives you a different motivation and ambition compared to pre-match betting. Here you can analyze the match as it progresses and take advantage of the odds in a different way, looking at what’s happening on the field practically at the moment.

Also, since the odds are constantly changing, there may be a happy moment to increase your winnings. This is a great option for those who like to follow the games and can read them unbiasedly.

Cash Out

To minimize possible losses after placing a sports bet, a cash-out tool has appeared on betting sites. It is the greatest ally of live betting, allowing you to anticipate a move or leave a bet without a total loss in case of an absolute loss. Thus, you can quickly transfer your money.

Customer service

As with any other online service, problems may arise. This is not the case with betting sites, and events can unfold in a completely unexpected way.

Nevertheless, betting sites must have professional customer service to help all players when they need it. To this end, extended hours and a good team are the weapons to create a customer support service that can be trusted, and aimed at solving any problem quickly.

I’ve already chosen an online betting site, now what?

If you’ve already chosen one of the best online betting sites for you (it must be one of the best!), then you’re ready to start your journey into sports betting. And to that end, below we’ll explain how to properly register, knowing in advance that it’s a very easy and quick process. After all, you’ll be ready to have some fun!


Registering is the first step. It’s a simple process, in a few minutes you’ll be all set. Just go to the site or app of your choice, click on “Register” and follow the instructions, usually:

  • Choose your username and password;

  • Enter the personal information requested by the betting site;

  • Confirm your registration through a confirmation email;

  • Make your first deposit

Claim your bonus

Get your welcome bonus before you make your first deposit. Since this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the profits you can make in the long run, it’s a shame to miss out. You should always tie or apply it before making a deposit.

It is also important to always read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus to take advantage of it. To be aware of how to move in your bets, so that you don’t suffer from the unexpected or that the bonus and some of the money you earned with it don’t “disappear” because you didn’t meet the requirements.

Start Betting

To start having fun on betting sites, there are some factors to consider. When there is no knowledge, the fun can be short-lived, especially when we bet on something we do not know of.

So, we leave a little advice for beginners: find a sport that you know and follow, then a championship that you participate in, and after that choose a market that you think is more realistic.


Now that you know the best legal sports betting sites, there is nothing better than to check the most common questions on the subject.

What is the best site for betting?

As sports betting sites increasingly find themselves on equal footing in terms of what they offer bettors, choosing the best football betting site is no easy task.

However, both Betano, Betway and 22bet are among our top and are great options for our readers.

Which betting site has the best odds?

All of the legal betting sites offer very similar odds, although each has a market where they may be higher. However, if you are looking for special, better odds, there are so-called Betano super odds, offered, of course, by Betano, which are marked so that you know which events, matches, etc. they refer to.

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