Benefits of Turkish Citizenship for Indians


People from all around the world, especially Indians, are interested in getting Turkish citizenship. Well know that Turkey is not just a country, rather it is a Mediterranean resort with the best climate, stunning nature, nicest people and of course the richest cuisines. There are certain benefits of having Turkish citizenship which we would be discussing in this post. Know that Indian investors are quite keen in getting Turkish citizenship for the following reasons:

Popular benefits of being a citizen of Turkey 

You don’t have to find ways to get the Turkey visa for Indians if you have the citizenship. Forget about the Turkish visa for Indian and read about the pros of getting Turkish citizenship.

You can travel without worrying about visa

One of the biggest benefits Indians can enjoy after getting Turkish citizenship is that they don’t have to get the Turkey visa for Indians. They can travel to and from India to Turkey without any visa. Moreover, having citizenship in Turkey also allows you to travel to more than a hundred different countries without any visa requirement. Some of these countries include Hong Kong, Japan and even Singapore. You don’t have to worry about getting Turkey visa on arrival for Indian anymore. 

You can apply for the E2 Investor visa

One of the best opportunities you can avail by having a residential Turkish visa for Indians is that it allows you to get an investor’s visa for the USA. The E2 investor’s visa allows you to move to the USA with your family. Know that this type of visa is valid for five year. You can get it renewed after every two years. The best part is that there is no minimum investment requirement to get this visa. E2 visa is easier to get from Turkey than to get the traditional visit Turkey visa for Indians.

You don’t have to give up your Indian citizenship

Indians, even those who prefer getting Turkish citizenship tend to keep their Indian nationality for certain reasons. The best part about getting a Turkish permanent resident visa is that you don’t have to drop your Indian citizenship. You can keep both of them without worrying about getting the turkey visa for Indian citizens. 

You would get social guarantees

Indians usually apply for Turkish visas to get medical facilities over there. The medical facilities and education in Turkey is far more advanced than in India. So if you have the permanent resident Turkey visa for Indians and get the citizenship then you can get all these social guarantees. You can get free medical care and your children can get free education. 

You can become a potential citizen of EU

Turkey is in agreement to join the EU. In the near future, Turkish citizens can travel to Schengen countries without a visa. This is a big advantage of having a permanent Turkey visa for Indians. To check out how lifestyle in Turkey is you can get the turkey electronic visa and make a short trip!

These are some of the popular benefits of having Turkish citizenship!

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