Artificial jewellery ideas for Pre-Wedding Shoots

Artificial jewellery ideas for Pre-Wedding Shoots

Before choosing your attire and artificial jewellery, keep in consideration the photoshoot’s setting and concept. It must enhance the setting and concept rather than simply blending in. With your attire, cosmetics, and accessories, strike a balance. Make sure that just the two of you are the focus.

The royal era and kundan artificial jewellery set

Pearls are the greatest option if you love architecture, are in the mood for a grand pre-wedding session at a royal palace or haveli or are looking for vintage ideas for a royal bride and groom appearance. Kundan set for wedding shoots are elegant and pricey, and they have a royal heritage. For your pre-wedding shoot, wear a lehenga or silk saree with a set of pearl necklaces that looks regal and opulent.

Mountain Towns and kundan artificial jewellery

The most romantic and memorable photos you may take with your future spouse are those of hilly settings. For the pre-wedding photography in a hill station, you can get creative. You might present it as a romantic getaway or an adventure with your better half. If you’re feeling amorous, a long fusion dress and statement pearl kundan set will look best on you.

If you want to make it appear as though you are having fun exploring a snowy hill station. You could also choose an arbitrary casual attire like a sweater and long overcoat with simple artificial jewellery.

Historic Sites

If you’re a fan of traditional romance, you might be considering having your pre-wedding photoshoot in iconic locations like the Taj Mahal or Imambara. These locations provide your shoot with a decent amount of historical appeal. Choose an ethnic appearance, such as a salwar suit or a long, flowing traditional dress with a dupatta that can flow while you pose for the photo. To complete your outfit, choose some imitation jewellery set that has an ancient appearance and a few fusion beads.


In making plans for your pre-wedding photography, this may be the first option that comes to mind, and it makes sense. The most exciting and romantic destinations to travel to with your lover are beaches. Your day is made by the serene sea and the magnificent sunsets! Choose a hot dress that captures the spirit of a beach because beaches are the locations that are the happiest and full of life. Try wearing bohemian dresses or printed maxi skirts with crop tops and accessories with a hat and bright artificial jewellery set to complete the look.

Beaches are also excellent locations for more passionate and intense activities. If a couple is getting deeper and more passionate, let their attire be dramatic and at odds with the beachy atmosphere, such as big, flowing gowns accessorized with a multicolored ethnic necklace set of crystals.

International location

Pre-wedding shoots and vacation vacations to foreign locations like Paris, Greece, French colonies, Switzerland, etc. are highly popular. Depending on the theme of the session, you can dress in whatever you choose. Choose a pricey pearl or stone ethnic jewellery set for a regal theme, a modern design necklace and earring set for a western romance concept, and just earrings or a plain pendant for a touristy look.

In-home Theme

In-home pre-wedding shots should be on your list if you and your partner prefer to spend hours talking and binge-watching at home rather than going out. However, given the pandemic this year, you must have to resort to indoor pre-wedding photo sessions. To capture your routine with your loved one, indoor shoots work best. Keep it very straightforward with a timeless white shirt and blue shorts or denim, and add a hint of south indian jewellery. It is a terrific option for a pre-wedding photo shoot with a playful and laid-back date vibe. You might also choose a sentimental or heirloom piece of artificial jewellery.

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