Arif Patel Preston UK – Wiki, Bio, Age, Personal Life and Career

Meet Arif Patel Preston UK, the founder of Preston Trading and the co-founder of the UK group, and chief officer of ABC Capital. His ethos of quality and transparency has made him one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the Middle East. With the right knowledge of the trade and some experienced years on him, Arif Patel has managed to build a team that focuses on the oil and gas field which is already pretty massive in the Dubai UAE.
  • Name: Arif Umarji Patel (Arif Patel)
  • Born: July 12,1985
  • Designation: Founder & Chairman
  • Company: Preston Trading in Dubai UAE
Arif Patel graduated from prestigious schools like the University of Central Lancashire in England and a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. He then went on to found his company Preston Trading. Arif Patel UK is also the co-founder of the UK group and chief officer of ABC Capital. Now, he has a stronghold in the business ecosystem with the knowledge and experience he flaunts so very well. Arif Patel credits his employees for the transparency and quality they put into the services they provide. He believes that the relationship a company builds with its customers is what makes a holistic experience. This has become the norm at Preston Trading which follows the footsteps of Arif. Arif Patel has been recognized for his amazing leadership and extraordinary work in the ecosystem. Arif Patel Preston was awarded and ranked among Top 10 Best Investment Company Executives. This was another feather in the cap for him and his company as they continue to follow their ethos and build their brand with earnestness and great quality.

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