A Guide for When & How to Give Jewelry to Children (2022)


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Are you considering giving a little girl in your life a piece of jewelry as a present? If so, I bet you have some inquiries. Find out the most important guidelines for selecting and giving children’s jewelry as presents.

You’re thinking about getting your kid or daughter some jewelry for an upcoming birthday (or holiday). Maybe you want to create a new family custom or continue one that has been passed down for generations.

You might dismiss jewelry as quaint or dated, but that’s not entirely accurate. Even though many jewelry stores have transferred their operations online, the jewelry business is thriving.

You need to think about some responsible and secure options for giving such a present. Jewelry may hold special significance for you, but if your children fail to treat it with the care it deserves, it may cause you to pain in the long run.

Giving jewelry to children is a serious responsibility, so be sure you’re acting ethically. To find out what actions you should and should not do, read on.

1. Keep the Jewelry in the Family for the Next Generation

Adults in the present era nonetheless frequently reminisce about “the good ol’ days.” The days when people valued heritage over cutting-edge technology have passed.

You may want to keep certain jewelry-like tanzanite bracelets that were passed down through the generations. You may want to pass on a treasured family item to your offspring, such as a watch or necklace that once belonged to your parents or grandparents.

Perhaps it’s customary to give a youngster their first piece of jewelry when they reach a specific age.

In today’s age of digital conveniences and a heightened focus on material goods, it’s essential to preserve the importance of sentimental worth. Teach your kid to be grateful to the people who came before him or her for passing along such a priceless heirloom to the next generation.

It is customary to hand down treasured jewels from generation to generation. When and how this is carried out are of paramount importance.

2.  Don’t Shower Irresponsible Youth with Jewels Just Yet

You may be eager to give your children jewelry, especially if the pieces are family heirlooms with special meaning to you, but you may want to wait a while.

This precious piece of ancestry deserves your utmost respect and caution. Your children may need more time to prove themselves responsible before you entrust them with any further possessions.

Teaching people to be responsible, however, is not easy. Before passing on a treasured piece of family jewelry — or any jewelry, for that matter — it is wise to start implementing some of the techniques for teaching the value.

You should not give them the item as a present if there is any chance that they would misplace or damage it. Please handle it with care; it is deserving of it.

3. Put money into jewelry that will last a long time.

Your kid is still a kid even if they’re very careful with their stuff. Any piece of jewelry can be mildly or severely damaged by a single accidental fall or slip.

When shopping for a young girl’s first piece of jewelry, it’s best to spend a little more on a brand or design such as gold or tanzanite jewelry that will stand the test of time rather than a bargain brand. Your child can learn the importance of caring for their belongings in this way.

You could think it’s a good idea to begin with low-quality products so you’re not too upset if they get destroyed.

If you act as if it doesn’t bother you if your child breaks a valuable item, they won’t be motivated to take the necessary precautions to avoid loss or theft.

3. Spending a Fortune on Children’s Jewelry Is Not a Good Idea

But watch out that you don’t go broke funding quality! Children will be children, and if they are actively playing while wearing jewelry, it could get broken or misplaced.

There’s no reason for you to lose a significant sum of money in that scenario. If you can wait till they are even older and more trustworthy, you should, but that could be a long time.

You should look for jewelry that satisfies both of these criteria. Finding this middle ground could be challenging, but looking for trustworthy jewelers that are having a clearance sale could be a good place to start.

4. Present Jewels on Special Occasions

There are certain milestones in your child’s life where a gift of jewelry would be especially meaningful, especially if it were to become a family heritage. Gifting jewelry to your children is a wonderful gesture, and not just on their birthdays.

Your child will experience several different types of milestones as they progress through childhood and adolescence. Consider rewarding their efforts with a piece of jewelry on the occasion of a high school or middle school graduation, on the night of a dance or prom, or after a good athletic event.

When you give someone a piece of jewelry, it will be treasured and cared for much more if you can make a connection between the gift and an experience that has great significance for them. These anniversaries would mean more to them than a typical Christmas present.

5. Please don’t give jewelry to children who won’t value it.

Along the same lines of only giving jewelry to responsible children, it may be prudent to try to assess whether or not your child will actually value the present. In your role as parent, you are the only person who could know this for sure.

Think about how harsh they are with their toys and whether they care about the things they already have.

You shouldn’t give them jewelry just yet if they have shown little enthusiasm for the presents they have received thus far. When the time comes, you want it to have significance for everyone.


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