A Complete Guide to Study in Australia


Today, many international students want to study in Australia as it has become a significant and popular choice in the world of academics. This is because of the top-notch institutes, standard of living, competitiveness and raw beauty. However, it can get quite expensive to manage everything from food to transportation to tuition. Now, here comes this article that promises to make your dream come true; Study in Australia for Free!

Create the best application
Since study in Australia can get quite cumbersome, it is recommended to start early and create an application. Many students make this mistake of kick-off their applicant plans at the last moment and thus are kept shy of getting any scholarship.

Therefore, here is how you should do it:

Bag the best grades
Score high in tests
Write stellar essays

Almost all universities tend to choose students with remarkable grades and scores. Therefore, do yourself a favour and grind as much as you can to bag your place in your dream institution.

A stellar essay can make or break it. It gives the university official a greater insight into your potential. Since he wants to know more about you, you may not want to miss out on the target and impress him to a level that he wants you no matter what.

Apply for Scholarships
The dream to study in Australia for free is only possible due to scholarships. Always look out for ones offered directly by your institute because that is the most recommended. Other than that, there are multiple other options, too, provided by the Australian government and private organisations. Send your application to as many places as possible to enhance your odds and hopefully getting it.

Opt for affordable options
If you are on a budget to study in Australia, you must eye the more affordable options. On average, the top institutes charge around 10,000 to 40,000 USD, which is well above the tuition fees in other countries.

However, you always have the option to go for a cheaper one, as almost every institution is deemed excellent in terms of education quality and environment. Therefore, you may list the affordable options, rank them, see what suits you the best and then make the final decision.

Such universities will give you more substantial scholarships, either full or partial.

Scholarship Options
If you are wondering what are your viable options to study in Australia with a scholarship, we got your back!

Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership Awards
For postgraduate students of PhD and Masters, this is an outstanding paid scholarship to study in Australia for free. It has a monthly stipend of 3000/month and 36000/year. It covers everything from travel to tuition to accommodation. It demands international students over 18, which haven’t applied to other scholarship programmes.

Adelaide Scholarships International
Only for doctoral and Master students, this scholarship is excellent for those pursuing the University of Adelaide. Again it requires a student to be a foreigner and fluent in English. It covers tuition fee, health insurance and living expenses.

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