A Brief Guide to What is Finger Boarding? And its Beginners Tricks 


Do you know what fingerboarding is? It’s a fascinating miniature skateboarding world that you can easily access. In this article, we’ll open the mysteries of this innovative game and dig into some fingerboard tricks for beginners to kick start your gaming journey.

Consider skating’s little cousin, where you can pull off great moves with only your fingers and a small skateboard. Thus, you can learn everything whether you’re a curious fledgling or shifting focus over to up your fingerboarding game with this article.

What is Finger Boarding and its Easy Tricks? 

Finger boarding is a fun sport that can be performed regardless of age. It is performed using the middle and index fingers. Finger boarding is a tiny version of skateboarding where people use their fingers to ride miniature skateboards. It is performed using the middle and index fingers. Finger boarding can be a fun and engaging hobby for skaters and non-skaters alike. However, it can be difficult for young kids to master because it requires hard work and skill.

Finger Boarding Beginner’s Tricks  

Finger boarding is an indoor sport and can be challenging, especially for beginners, as it involves doing tricks without lifting the board. Playing in high positions can also be difficult because the distances become smaller, making it harder to get in tune. 


A kickflip in finger boarding is when the board does a single flip in midair. To do a kickflip, you flick the board to have it rotate sideways. The kickflip motion is actually in your wrist, not the fingers. 


The ollie is a fundamental finger-boarding trick that involves applying pressure to the tail of the board with the back finger to create a pop. The front finger is then used to flick the board upwards and towards the nose to level it out in the air. The ollie is the foundation for many other finger-boarding tricks. 


A nollie is performed when you pop the front of the board off the ground using your fingers. It’s similar to an ollie, but instead of popping the board up with your back finger on the tail, you pop the board up with your front finger on the nose.

About Premium Fingerboard Wheels, Decks and Trucks

Premium Fingerboard Truck

Premium Fingerboard Trucks are assembled by joining wheels and frame to the bottom of the fingerboard. The frames and wheels need to be attached to the fingerboard. Premium fingerboard truck is further used with the help of the pointer and middle finger of the players on the board to perform tricks and flips. 

Premium Fingerboard Deck

A premium fingerboard deck is made from five plies of maple wood. Each board comes with a wooden storage display. Tech Deck boards come with a set of trucks, two wheels, and stickers. You can use the included skate tool to switch out the wheels or adjust the trucks. 

Premium Fingerboard Wheels

Premium fingerboard wheels are made of high-quality materials and bearings that provide a smooth, stable, and quiet ride. The quality of the bearings makes a big difference between professional and local wheels. 

Steps to Assemble Fingerboard 

  • First step: To assemble the fingerboard, screw the truck before attaching it to the Deck.  
  • Second step: After screwing the truck, attach the Deck to the truck and ensure the screws go through the fingerboard truck.  
  • Third step: Place the wheels on the axle 
  • Fourth step: Attach the foam tape 
  • Fifth step: Enjoy Finger boarding!

Final Words 

Finger boarding is a miniature version of skateboarding designed to entertain people of all ages. The tiny version of Skateboarding is performed using the middle and index fingers. There are various techniques that a beginner needs to learn. It’s a playful activity that can be played indoors.

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