7 Designer Rugs You’ll Love Adding to Your Home Interiors


There are rugs, and then there are designer rugs. 

What makes the two different is that one is pretty much available across the street, has no name, and varies in quality. The other is a luxurious masterpiece made with intent using the finest materials and weaving styles. 

These top-quality luxury pieces are known as designer rugs, the crème de la crème of rugs. 

Generally, designer living room rug is made from natural materials involving the highest level of craftsmanship and distinctive styles courtesy of seasoned designers.

The fibers used to make designer rugs are usually natural and long-lasting such as wool, silk, hemp, sisal, and jute. 

However, wool and jute are the most popular fibers for high-end designer rugs. Wool is well known but if you don’t know much about jute, learn more here.

In this post, we highlight some designer rugs you’ll definitely love adding to your home interiors.

1. LuxDeco, Kinross Traditional Rug

Starting this list is a premium traditional rug by LuxDeco, which is by far the most pocket-friendly on this list. 

That said, the rug is certainly not lacking in quality.

The hand-loomed fiber contains gold, blue, and beige elements in a charming finish. Rich in pattern, Kinross traditional rug displays geometric lines in a zigzag formation and an overall faded look that makes it rich without being fussy.

2. Calvin Klein, Sculptural Hand-Tufted Rug

This rug comes in a cloudy, gray design that stands out for its uniqueness and lack of a definite pattern. The muted color makes it a perfect option for minimalist spaces. But it would also work well to create balance in a detailed space.

The rug is entirely made of wool in a low pile and would be a nice luxurious addition to any room.

3. Holmes Bespoke, Shore Tarkarli Rug

If you’re a beach lover, you’ll be taken aback by this fantastic ocean-blue rug named after an actual beach in India.

The rug is part of a designer collection of eco-friendly rugs made out of recycled plastic bottles. It has a striking deep blue tone and a touch of gray that mimics ocean waves. The beauty and vibrancy of this hand-crafted piece would make any home an oasis of comfort.

4. Nourison, Prismatic Oceanic Rug

The Nourison Prismatic collection is one of quality and value, boasting high-end wool construction. One of their best pieces is this gray and gold ocean rug with a silky feel.

A splash of color in waves of gray and gold gives the rug a radiant and stunning appearance that would make a bold statement in your space. While the price tag is pretty up there, it certainly matches the quality.

5. Holmes Bespoke, Shore Anjuna Rug

Holmes Bespoke returns to this list with another rug made entirely from PET: fully recycled plastic bottles. As part of a collection inspired by Indian beaches, Shore Anjuna Rug lives up to the standard set by the collection.

The ocean blue rug delivers in texture, tone, and pattern. It boasts clean angular lines that make it a perfect fit for iconic decor styles like Contemporary and Art Deco.

While the price tag can make you want to run the other way, keep in mind that the rugs in this collection are top-quality, hand-crafted masterpieces.

6. Designers Guild, Manipur Rectangular Rug

The Manipur Rectangular Rug is pure and plain, with faded cuboid shapes that would be perfect for a bold decor. The rug is woven on a jacquard loom that gives it a velvety feel, a rich addition to a luxurious space.

As a statement maker, the rug has a simple, muted look. But the sleek, repeated pattern gives away its elegance.

7. Jonathan Adler, Greek Key Reversible Peruvian Flat-Weave Rug

Sleek geometric shapes running along the sides define this Peruvian rug. The flat weave design composed of Llama and sheep wool is at 80% and 20%, respectively.

The handwoven wool gives this Peruvian rug a soft and wholesome feel. But that’s not all. As a reversible rug, you can flip it over for a whole new look.

Final Thoughts

There’s something about rugs that make them so expressive and captivating as decor pieces. Each can be unique in its own way, but not all rugs are in the same category.

If you’ve never heard of or given designer rugs a second thought, you’ve been missing out on a whole other level of rug craftsmanship. The ones we’ve listed scratch the surface of these high-end pieces, but the brands are some of the most popular in the industry.

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