6 quick fixes to get rid of period pain by Welme


Dysmenorrhea is a common condition for menstruating women. It relates to acute period pain during menses. It can recur as well. Women live with this period pain as a part of their lives. But it definitely hampers your daily routine and reduces the quality of your life. Girls do not need to fret about that monthly period anymore! There are women who do not want to turn to heavy medication to relieve period pain. They can adapt the below-listed home therapies that may alleviate the period pain to a great extent.

  1. Work-out

We all know that holistic well-being is a result of a healthy diet and exercise. The importance of exercise during menstruation is not well-known or discussed. It may appear frightening to exercise while experiencing period pain, but the opposite is true. A mild work-out can go a long way in relieving your period pain. It relieves menstrual cramps, boosts mood, and makes you more energetic. Simple exercises like Yoga, stretching, walking, cycling, swimming, etc. releases endorphins. These endorphins are happy hormones that block the pain receptors in the brain. Thus, they reduce menstruation pain and PMS anxiety.  Further, through exercise, your heart beats faster and increases your blood and oxygen flow all over your body. This makes you feel more energetic, cheerful, and empowered. Before exercising, you should always ensure that your flow and pain are not extreme.

  1. Warming up

Heat acts as a great period pain reliever. Heat therapy on the area of pain, like the abdomen and back, increases your blood flow and reduces inflammation. This in turn eases the period cramps. You can use a heating pad, a warm towel, a hot water bag, or a warm sauna bath. This releases the tension in the muscles, and your brain gets positive healing signals. Just make sure to avoid applying direct heat to painful areas to avoid accidents. You may apply heat 2 to 3 times a day.

  1. Diet

It is extremely important that you watch your diet, especially during menstruation, in order to relieve period pain. It is best to avoid trans fats that are found in foods like French fries, burgers, cakes, pastries, and other fried items. If you cannot resist, then you may consume small portions of these. These fats aggravate inflammation and period pain. You should also stay away from aerated drinks. Caffeine worsens period pain by hampering blood vessel movements and motivating inflammation. It also disrupts your sleep and energy levels.

It is good to sip some herbal tea instead of tea or coffee. Chamomile, fennel, and ginger tea relax your mind and body and relieve your muscles. It increases the blood flow through your body and gives you a good night’s sleep. Omega-3-rich foods are advised, as they reduce swelling and irritation and thus relieve period pain. Salmon, spinach, kale, etc. are very healthy, and they combat uterine spasms effectively. Magnesium and calcium are scientifically proven to reduce dreaded menstrual cramps.

  1. TENS device

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) device is a period pain relief device that can be worn on the abdomen. This device has scientifically proven TENS technology that stimulates your nerves and blocks pain signals. It also releases endorphins, which naturally kill pain hormones and elevate your mood. This device consists of adhesive patches that have electrodes in them. These electrodes can transfer varying levels of electric current to the skin to stimulate your nerves. These electrical impulses inhibit the transmission of pain signals to the brain and relax your muscles. A study proved that this period pain relief device was more effective than a placebo during menstruation. This is a 100% natural and drug-free technology. The device is convenient to use, and it is reusable.

  1. NSAIDs

Severe uterine muscle contractions are a result of excessive levels of prostaglandins. This leads to period pain. NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are the most common resort to relieve period pain. They consist of ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, etc., which can cure menstrual cramps within about 30 minutes. When taken in moderation, NSAIDs can do wonders for period pain relief. You should see to it that you do not form the habit of consuming it every time during menstruation. They are harmful in the long run and may adversely affect your body parts.

  1. Stress management

The worst enemy of your overall well-being is stress. Stress and anxiety ignite all the problems, both mentally and physically. It is also associated with period pain. The more you stress about your menstruation, the more you suffer during menstruation. It is crucial to be calm before your menstruation starts. Stress creates sad hormones and sends them to your brain.

Breathing techniques and yoga help manage stress. You should make them a way of life because they produce long-term results if done diligently. You should practice yoga and breathe under supervision. A 5-5-5 technique is good for beginners. It includes 5-sec breathing in, holding the breath, and breathing out, respectively. If done incorrectly, they can have a damaging effect on your body. Stress can also be managed by indulging in the activities you like, such as listening to music, cooking, watching TV, etc.


In this time and era, when we are all talking about feminism, we should promote awareness about menstruation, its effects on women, and its remedies. Apart from the above remedies, it is the care and motivation of a woman during those days that help her rise above the period pain and other obstacles attached to it. With the right diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management techniques, it is almost half the battle won for a woman pertaining to menstruation. In cases where the pain is severe and persistent, it is best to see a doctor and follow the suggested treatment. You may also be going through PMS symptoms, and it is important that you get the right treatment for that. The above home remedies are the safest.

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