5 Must-Have Classic Pieces You Need in Your Jewelry Collection in 2023


On average, Americans spend almost $80 every year on jewelry, which shows how passionate we are about our accessories. 

Building your collection is a great way of completing every outfit and choosing designs that best reflect your personality. But if you’re new to the world of jewelry, it’s difficult knowing where to start. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you’re struggling with your jewelry collection and are searching for inspiration.  

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five must-have pieces in your jewelry collection.  

  1. Necklace 

One of the top jewelry essentials is a necklace. The beauty is you can choose from an array of designs, depending on your mood and aesthetic. But it’s wise to splurge on silver or gold to prevent any allergy breakouts.

Further, browse chain necklaces for a modern take. You can decide whether to layer it with other pieces or act as a statement piece. And you can easily elevate your favorite piece with more pendants to add flair to your personality.  

  1. Ring 

No jewelry box is complete without a collection of rings. A popular option is a signet as they ooze sophistication while adding visual intrigue to your hands. Or, if you want a traditional ring, try stacking multiple on one finger or keep it simple with a gold band.

Pearl earrings are another great choice as they’re timeless. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear pearls with modern outfits because it adds a unique twist. For instance, instead of a traditional longer necklace, don a pearl choker necklace with a casual outfit. 

  1. Watch 

When building your collection, you’ll want to include a fancy wristwatch. One of the most affordable watches is made from steel and a bonus is that they work in every situation, from hanging out with friends to attending a job interview.  

Further, there are plenty of luxury pieces to choose from, especially if you’re interested in the pre-owned market. You can also decide whether you’d prefer gold, silver, or even leather for a lowkey timepiece. 

  1. Earrings 

Out of all the jewelry pieces available, the earrings are our favorite.

You can treat yourself to a pair of hoops or elegant studs. And if you’ve got the budget, invest in a pair of diamond earrings for the ultimate statement piece. Luckily, you can consider lab-grown diamonds as they’re far more affordable compared to others on the market.  

  1. Bracelet

Still on the hunt for pieces of jewelry? Then, add a bracelet to your shopping list.

Many jewelry lovers choose tennis bracelets because of their delicate band. You can even choose pieces that have studded diamonds to set your collection apart. And if that’s too simple, stack colorful ones as they work with every outfit.   

Grow Your Jewelry Collection Today 

Hopefully, you’re now ready to build your jewelry collection. 

There are many great pieces to check out, such as a metal wristwatch or a bracelet. Jewelry enthusiasts should also consider investing in a necklace or a collection of rings, depending on your style.  

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