5 Essential Tips for Starting a Wine Collection


The largest wine cellar in the world, which still holds the Guinness world record, today, houses around two million bottles of wine. 

If you’re interested in starting your own wine collection, there are several things you need to know. It can be overwhelming, as there are thousands of different wines out there. 

This guide is going to give you a few wine tips. Continue reading so you can start building your collection. 

  1. Start Small

You don’t need to have two million bottles of wine to have a collection. Starting small is the way to go. Take your time learning about the different types of wine and regions.

You don’t need to rush, just so you can brag about your collection. There will be local auctions and other enthusiasts in your area that you can reach out to. You need to consider the monetary value of each bottle as well as the personal value. 

  1. Have Disposable Income

When you’re building your wine collection, it’s important that you have the funds to do it. Don’t spend money that you need for rent or bills on wine. 

Besides the cost of wine, you’ll also have to spend money on insurance and storage. Your wine collection can cost as much as you want to spend. 

  1. Invest In A Vault/Cellar

It’s crucial that you keep your wine at the proper temperature. Your whites and reds need to be stored at different temperatures. 

After you spend a lot of money on your wine collection, you don’t want the wine to spoil and be undrinkable when you open it. When you do decide to open one of your bottles, be sure to use a wine aerator for the best taste. 

Besides temperature, you need to consider moisture as well. Investing in a cellar that is insulated and secure is key. 

  1. Get Appraisals 

Take the time to get your collection appraised frequently. The value of wine fluctuates and it’s important that you know how much it’s worth. 

If something happens to your collection, for example, a fire, you’ll want to have the most recent and updated value. It will make working with the insurance agency easier. 

  1. Save Documentation 

When you purchase a bottle of wine, keep all the information including the receipt. If you purchase from a private seller, be sure to keep their business card. 

You should also keep a detailed description of each wine bottle. The documentation should be kept in a safe place. This information will be useful if you ever want to sell your collection and it will help when determining the value. 

Starting A Wine Collection

By following the tips above, you’ll have a valuable wine collection in no time. Take your time finding the wine you like the most and don’t compare your collection to anyone else’s. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this wine guide. For more tips and information, keep browsing our site.

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