4 Easy Ways: How To Reset Graphics Driver?


From the left-hand side of the screen, select the ‘Scan’ option to detect outdated and mismatched drivers. Now, to proceed further follow the on-screen instructions! That is what you are required to do in the course to update Nvidia drivers using GeForce Experience. Then, you can visit the official website of NVIDIA and search for the drivers in the Search tab. Under the dropdown of “Drivers,” you need to select the right Product Type, Product Series, Product Model, and the OS. After making the correct selections, just hit the Search button.

  • The following steps serve as a form of guidance.
  • Most modern CPUs employ word sizes that are a power of two, for example 8, 16, 32 or 64 bits.
  • If you want to update your video card drivers, you can do so by downloading and installing the most recent device drivers using Windows Updates.
  • This widely observed trend is described by Moore’s law, which had proven to be a fairly accurate predictor of the growth of CPU complexity until 2016.

But I don’t want to use GeForce Experience because it only allows me to update to the newest one which has problem. How to Install Nvidia Graphics Driver on Windows 10 is a fairly straightforward process. First, open the Device Manager and select the Display adapters category. To find the latest NVIDIA graphics drivers, select the “Search automatically for updated driver software” option.

Keep your drivers up to date GeForce Experience automatically notifies you of new driver releases from NVIDIA. Installing Nvidia drivers has been an easy process for quite a while. Unlike its rival AMD, Nvidia hasn’t had a reputation for tricky video card driver installs, at least not to the same extent. If you want to download older version of NVIDIA Driver, you can go directly here at nvidia.com/drivers/beta. Again this, FarCry V have almost the same numbers as the previous driver (which got a couple of bumps in the last releases so it’s ok). Maybe even 1-2 FPS above compared to previous 411.63, but again change is so small that it may be just test variance.

So you may as well choose to make sure the driver works well with the system. And there are other functions such as updating drivers, rolling back drivers, disabling device and uninstalling device. Right-click the device and select Properties from context menu, and you will enter the graphic card device properties.

How to Reinstall Your Graphics Drivers

Driver Simple will then check your PC and identify any issue drivers. There are basically two methods for refreshing the illustrations driver. One way is to go to the producer’s site for your designs card and search for the most recent and most viable illustrations driver for your Windows variant. Then download and introduce the driver physically.

In either case, you should take a deeper dive into your PC’s diagnostics. This could be a symptom of a more significant problem, such as a faulty power supply or a dying GPU. Both AMD and NVIDIA have their own ways of updating their drivers through their proprietary software. You can download GeForce Experience for NVIDIA cards here, and you can find the AMD equivalent Adrenalin here. If reinstalling them doesn’t work, there may be a new driver version that you need to get. This is the official method from Microsoft, and it should be your go-to if you keep experiencing issues.

Save disk space by deleting unnecessary drivers

These devices aren’t fully compatible with Windows 10. As you can see, Display Driver Uninstaller is a simple but powerful tool, and to use it you don’t need to install it on your PC. It means that you can easily run this tool on any PC without any problem. Choose the extraction location and click on Extract. If you want to learn more about creating a restore point and how it would help you, check out this simple article to find out everything you need to know.

Restart Graphics Driver Through PowerShell

This process is different for each manufacturer, which means we can’t provide an accurate step-by-step guide. Bluetooth driver updates instead of completely reinstalling them. Data loss frequently occurs when your computer has problems like system crash, blue/black screen error. You can easily restore lost data from Windows 10 computer only if you have the professional data recovery software at hand. If you want to check if your Nvidia driver is in up-to-date and find out the current Nvidia driver version of your Windows computer, you can check the 2 ways below. Each way is attached with a step-by-step guide.

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