In recent times with the introduction of fancy hair products, it has been noticed that dandruff has become a pervasive issue for people. The reasons for the rise in problems such as dryness, and itchiness causing dandruff are diverse. In this article, we shall cover the root causes of dandruff and address the same.

Dandruff not only looks bad but also causes discomfort and irritation. For people looking for remedies, we got you covered with medical shampoo india.


In this section, we shall discuss the causes of dandruff. Some of the basic reasons are:

  • Dryness of skin: One of the primary reasons is the dryness of skin, dry scalp causes flakiness and thus results in the formation of dusty white substance (dandruff) all over the scalp.
  • Growth of fungus: Fungal infections and attacks might be another reason for the cause of dandruff. The growth of a fungus called Malassezia aggravates the situation.
  • Stressful lifestyle: In the 21st-century stress and anxiety have become common issues amongst individuals and this might be highlighted as one of the key reasons behind the formation of dandruff.
  • Low/no maintenance of hair and scalp: Dandruff can be caused due to less or absolutely no maintenance of hygiene and care. It is a requisite to rise hair regularly and apply the right quantity of oil. If not done might cause dandruff.
  • Excessive oiling: Too much of nothing is advisable and adheres to adverse effects. Hence, too much oiling of hair increases the possibility of having greater dandruff than ever.
  • Oily skin: Having oily skin exposes you to dandruff since the oily scalp tends to trap the dead skin cells and creates a suitable atmosphere for the fungus to generate dandruff.

We have come across some reasons why dandruff occurs. In the next section, we will learn about the remedies to get rid of dandruff.


Below are jotted down some quick hacks to reduce the attack of dandruff:

  • Proper washing: While talking about the ways to eradicate dandruff washing your hair regularly and maintaining hygiene tops the list.
  • Nutritious diet: Less consumption of junk food will have remarkable results. It has been noted that people having a properly balanced and healthy diet do not easily fall prey to the formation of dandruff on their scalp causing itchiness. Eating vitamin-enriched food will show good results.
  • Using coconut oil: Applying coconut oil on the scalp leaves a soothing effect and helps to remove the unwanted fungus. It is advised to apply coconut oil 30 minutes before shampoo. The antifungal properties of coconut oil work magic when used systematically.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Applying equal proportions of apple cider and water mixed has exclusive results. This is yet another hack to get rid of the growth of dandruff. Apple cider helps maintain a balance between the pH level of the scalp and at the same time keeps the fungus away.
  • Avoiding the usage of styling products: Usage of hair gels, hair sprays and other chemicals might irritate the scalp.


However, the above-mentioned remedies are purely home and basic remedies. It might not work for everyone. So even after following these remedies if dandruff persists to stay it is advised to take an appointment with a dermatologist as it might be something serious as well. The doctors are much more experienced and would suggest clinical shampoos to soothe the effect of dandruff. You can also use best medicated anti dandruff lotion india to enjoy the best results.

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