5 Misconceptions of Breast Augmentation Procedures


Breast augmentation has become a massively popular procedure in the last few decades, with a growing number of individuals opting for it to achieve the look they desire. However, as its popularity grows, the myths surrounding breast augmentation continue to grow. If you are also considering getting the procedure done, you may have done some research and come across some of these myths.

While it is important to get complete information about any medical procedure, it is equally vital to debunk the myths and misconceptions so you are aware of the facts. This article takes a look at five of the most common misconceptions regarding breast augmentation and explains the facts.

Breast augmentation may lead to fake-looking breasts

Unless you go for extreme augmentation, you will not end up with fake-looking breasts after the procedure, nor will augmentation make the breast feel fake. The selection process of size, type, and implant placement is usually customized extensively to cater to individual requirements so that the result is natural looking.

Moreover, the process is performed by highly skilled surgeons who work with extreme control and precision. If you are looking for Kansas City breast augmentation options, you must ensure to get it done by trained and highly skilled professionals who will deliver according to your expectations. Experienced surgeons perform enhancement procedures specifically designed to complement your natural anatomy, for which they take measurements carefully and employ modern imaging technology to provide you with a clear idea of what you will look like after the procedure.

You must get breast implants replaced after ten years

While it is a fact that breast implants do not last forever, they can, however, last easily for fifteen years without any problems. Hence you can be assured that breast augmentation does not have an exact expiry date.

At the same time, problems may arise for one reason or another, so you may need to replace the implant. For instance, silicone implants may leak at times. If that happens, they may need to be surgically removed. Similarly, if you have a saline implant that leaks, it will deflate, but it does not cause any health issues.

You must also get regular checkups with the doctor for preventive care and get sonograms or mammograms on a routine basis to ensure that your implants are intact and there isn’t any issue.

Breast implants can help lift sagging breasts

Breasts tend to undergo physical changes over time due to various factors like weight fluctuations, aging, pregnancy, or nursing. If you have sagging breasts due to any of these issues and hope that implants will lift them and make them appear youthful, augmentation may not be what you are looking for. For this purpose, a breast lift may be a better option; or you can opt for a lift with breast augmentation to fix the sagging breast tissue.

Saline implants are better than silicone implants

Another misconception you may have come across is that saline implants are better than silicone implants. Both implant types are safe and can help you enhance your look. They offer unique benefits, and deciding which would best suit you depends on the breast shape, size, feel you desire, and lifestyle.

Your doctor will sit with you for a consultation and will describe to you both implants in detail, so you can understand the difference and decide which type of implant will be better for you.

You will lose sensation after breast augmentation

While it is common to experience momentary lessening or loss of nipple sensation right after getting the breast augmentation procedure, it will go away in some time. As the nerves begin to heal after the procedure, they adjust to the new size, and the sensation returns within a few months. Surgical and screening techniques have become greatly advanced in recent years, and the possibility of permanent damage or loss of sensation is rare.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of easily available information about breast augmentation and the benefits it offers. However, there are still many misconceptions about the article, but this article may have helped put some of your doubts to rest.

One common perception is that you can get breast augmentation from anywhere, which is not true. While any surgeon with the appropriate tools and training can perform the procedure, only a skilled surgeon with the requisite understanding and knowledge of breast anatomy and artistic skills can deliver the desired results that you want. Hence you must decide carefully where to get breast augmentation done.


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